Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

New to contacts? We’ll teach you the proper way to wear and care for them.

Contact lenses are a very popular alternative to traditional prescription glasses. Contacts are small lenses that sit directly on the eye. Like glasses, they are also prescription and are worn to correct vision.

There are numerous reasons why people choose contacts over glasses. Some wear contacts for cosmetic reasons. Others wear them because they are more effective in correcting their vision. Sometimes athletes and outdoor enthusiasts wear them because they do not fog up with snow, rain, or even sweat.

Choosing the Right Contacts for Vision

There are many different types and fits of contact lenses that include the following:

  • Soft Contact Lenses: These lenses are made from soft polymer plastics. They are very comfortable and can often provide UV protection. They are disposable and are worn for short periods of time before being discarded which can reduce your risk of infection. Because they are soft, they tend to tear or rip easier than hard contacts.
  • Hard Contact Lenses: Hard contacts tend to be more durable than soft contacts. They maintain their shape better and won’t tear. They are easy to take care of and for many eye-correction problems they offer clearer vision. They are also usually worn for longer periods of time.
  • One Day Disposable Contact Lenses: These contacts are worn for just one day and are then discarded. They are easy to take care of since you wear a new pair each day. This is the easiest and healthiest option in contacts.
  • Bifocal Contacts: These lenses offer the ability to have two prescriptions in the same lens providing optimal vision for the wearer. Instead of having to choose what prescription to wear, you can have them both.

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